Accountability Program

Unchanging Grace will also offer an accountability program that will be available for the women who are in our in house programs, but also to women who are on our accountability program.  Women would be on our accountability program for different reasons. Either they do not qualify for our live in program, our live in program is full at the time, or they just need a little assistance.  The main goal of this particular part of our ministry is to help bring women together to achieve common goals as a team.  We understand that life for anyone is more joyful when you are living it together; not only with other people but with the people right in your family.  We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and sound thinking! 

What would this specific portion of our ministry look like?

  • Accountability partners (coaches)

  • Bible Studies/Church Attendance

  • Educational and Life Skills Classes

  • Social Events/Family Building

  • Positive Interaction Social Circles